Monday, August 1, 2016

Wedding Limo Service - What to expect?

Providing luxury transportation for the bride and groom and their guests is a big part of our business.  Typically the bride and her party are picked up at one location and then taken the the ceremony site, and a different limo is used to pick up the groom and groomsmen at their location to take to the ceremony site.

After the Wedding, if possible, the entire Wedding party goes together in the Limo that is large enough for all to seat.  Then its off to the reception site for the party.

At the end of the reception it is customary to provide a limo or luxury car FOR JUST THE BRIDE AND GROOM.  The spouses and friends of those that were in the Wedding should be responsible for getting them home from the reception.  The bride and groom's last ride at the end of the reception is called the "Wedding Getaway" and is their trip to where they will stay for the night.  Many couples just use a Luxury car with chauffeur for this trip, however if you already have a limo onsite then that is good as well.

Remember that you will have several chauffeurs if multiple vehicles are provided so it may make sense to pay the gratuity upfront and have it disbursed for you.  Contact Riverplace Limousine of Jacksonville today at 904-444-7983 to schedule your Wedding transportation.

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