Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Owners Night out in our 10 Passenger Stretch - WOW what a night!

So if you own a limo service you use it all the time to go out,  right?...WRONG.  The owners at Riverplace Limousine seem to always be working on the weekends, and we realized it had been about 2 years since we had been out as clients in one of our own Limousines.

As luck would have it one of our good friends had a Birthday this past weekend so it was decided that we would get our friends together and go for a night on the town in our 10 passenger Black Lincoln Stretch.  Here's how we looked at the beginning of the night in the Limo:

So we took the limo to Black Sheep in Riverside and had a few drinks on their upstairs Terrace.  Very nice place and one of the hippest places in Jax.  After about an hour there we had our chauffeur Reggie take us to Myth nightclub to see a few DJ's that we like.  Stayed there until 2am and then headed back home to wind down.  It was so nice to be in a Limo and we both were really happy with the condition of our vehicle. We are the toughest critics and the night and service were just perfect!

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