Monday, December 19, 2016

How to properly clean a limo...and maybe a few tips you can use for your personal vehicle

Having your limo show up in the best possible shape is something that we strive for with each and every client.  Of course this seems like a very basic assumption, however I was thinking the other day while getting one of our limos ready that we may do a few things that aren't so common.  Because we operate a somewhat smaller fleet (currently 7 vehicles), we detail every vehicle once per week.  Here are the steps that we do weekly on each limo as part of our normal cleaning routine:

 1.  Limos are hand washed with a soft sponge and Turtle Wax car wash.

2. Dry the vehicle completely with a chamois.  Make sure the car is in a shaded area to avoid water spots.

3. Clean the door jambs with Windex and a microfiber cloth.

4.  Clean the trunk jambs with water and a microfiber cloth.

5.  Use an acid based wheel cleaner for your rims, however if you have chrome wheels I strongly suggest using soap and water only.  In any event if using the acid based wheel cleaner you should only leave on for 10 seconds or you may damage the finish.

6.  Apply a small amount of tire shine to the tires.  I apply to a cloth and then wipe on rather than spray directly onto the tire.  You are really after a clean dark finish rather than the "wet tire look".

7.  Vacuum the entire vehicle and move the seats in order get under them as well.  We use the handheld Dyson model because it is cordless and is very powerful with about 20 minutes run time on a full charge.

8. Clean the bar area and surface areas with Windex using a microfiber cloth to prevent streaking.

9 Thoroughly vacuum the trunk area.  This is overlooked by many limo companies and is a very important area that should be as clean as the interior.  Nothing turns off a Wedding couple more than putting their gifts in a dirty trunk.

10.  All glassware is removed and washed then replaced.  A clean white napkin is placed in each glass to further let the client know that they are clean and ready to use.

Once a month each car is waxed by hand.  For the black cars I highly recommend the Turtle Wax Black wax as this really makes the black car finish look great.  It also hides small surface imperfections that are magnified if using a traditional wax that dries white. 

Having your limo cleaned out after each charter also helps with the overall condition of the vehicle.  It is the chauffeur's responsibility to clean out all trash, throw away all liquor and drinks, and empty all liquids out of the glasses prior to returning the limo to the office for the evening. 

Hopefully you found this article interesting and let me know if you have any tips that have worked well for you...

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