Tuesday, November 1, 2016

UBER...from our perspective

First off let us say that this is not another bash Uber article.  While we do agree that the lack of regulation Uber has in regards to vehicle registration and employee compensation gives them an unfair advantage over taxis and certain Livery operations, we do feel that they are providing a needed service.  There are still many issues that need addressing and we are just talking about the model at face value.

You can buy a steak at Chilis, or you can buy a steak at Ruth Chris.  Both are meat, however each is a completely different experience.  Luxury car service providers should not be in direct competition with an Uber driver...if they are they are doing it wrong.  Taxis are the real competitor to Uber.

If a client is booking Luxury car service it is for a special event and demands a much higher level of service, quality of vehicle, and personalized itinerary.  Whereas an Uber driver is taking as many rides as possible in any given day, a Luxury car service chauffeur may only have 1 or 2 jobs in the day and stays with the client for the duration of the charter.  Typical car service charters can last 3-5 hours and involve a life event or special occasion.  The chauffeur is at the clients call for the duration and it is their vehicle for the allotted time.  Rentals are  by the hour and typically involve  multiple stops during the charter.  Point to point transfers are offered and common for clients who want an extra level of service and Luxury.  There is a first class section on an airplane for a reason.

Here are some different scenarios and recommendations on when to choose Uber over Luxury car service:

1.  I am drunk and need a ride home from the bar: UBER
2.  I am getting Married and need transportation on my Wedding Day: Luxury Car Service
3.  I need a ride to the grocery store and back: UBER
4.  I need my parents picked up from the Airport: Luxury car service
5.  I am proposing to my girlfriend and going to dinner: Luxury car service
6.  I need a ride to and from work: UBER
7.  We are celebrating our Anniversary and going out for drinks: Luxury car service
8.  Me and my friends are going out of town shopping: Luxury car service 
9.  Trips that are a very short distance: UBER
10.  ANY trip involving a child or minor: Luxury car service 

You get the idea...

Choosing the right limo is as easy as choosing the right limo company.  Riverplace Limousine has all types of vehicles and we can help plan your next event and guide you towards the best vehicle for your needs.

Riverplace Limousine of Jacksonville Florida, is a preferred limo service charter and chauffeured transportation service provider. We offer non-stop door to door limousine service for all your transportation needs. Whether you need a limousine for a night out or car service for your Wedding,  Riverplace Limousine of Jacksonville FL can assist you with all your planning. Providing Jacksonville Limousine service in North Florida with award winning Limos and Luxury car service.

 Riverplace Limousine of Jacksonville, Florida is a client focused business that strives to provide the best possible Luxury experience through the course of our daily operations. Attention to detail and excellent communication are to be expected.

Reservations can be received online or by phone at 904-444-7983.

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